Minimising carbon emissions at mass participation sports events

Carbon emissions from mass travel, plastic waste and water consumption are all factors to be considered when assessing the environmental footprint that mass participation sports events can leave behind. AWOL believe that significant efforts must be made across the industry to reduce the ecological impact that mass participation events can cause.

As signatories to the Climate Neutral Now Charter, AWOL take our promise to sustainability very seriously and are constantly updating policies and procedures to ensure that we are doing everything we can to support our industry in attaining a long-term goal of a greener, low carbon future. Minimizing the environmental impact of transport to and from events is a major challenge of many large events.

One way in which AWOL minimise our carbon footprint is to select photographers who have met our exacting AWOL Photography standards, based on their geographic proximity to the sporting events. By selecting photographers who are the closest to the event location and encouraging covid-secure car sharing, we can minimise the amount of vehicles and emissions AWOL generate by travelling to and from each event.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions where possible, AWOL also offer a space-enabled live photography service which delivers real-time participant tracking and race results, without the need for single-use race bibs and chips. Not only does this technology operate without the need for existing race infrastructure, it also provides an enhanced participant and spectator experience, an immeasurable return on investment for race directors, and has the added potential to reduce the effects of damage to the environment post-event.

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